May 26, 2020 /

Isolate + Create: Week Eight Photo Diary by Tobias Rowles

Day 50-56 Emerging from isolation. Home visits allowed, playgrounds open and kids back to school full time next week

Day 50. Beach Carpark
Day 51. Neighbours Norfolk Pine
Day 52. Walking the dog before bed
Day 53. Favourite Spot
Day 54. Park Open
Day 55. Merry-go-round
Day 56. Water Tower

May 14, 2020 /

Isolate + Create: Week Seven Photo Diary by Tobias Rowles

Day 43-49 in isolation. Semi-isolation this week as visits of two people allowed.

Day 43. BJ’s 1965 Ford Falcon XP Coupe
Day 44. Skate Rat V
Day 45. Visit from Dad with his lockdown beard
Day 46. Spelling word for the week
Day 47. Drying Nails
Day 48. Appropriate New Graffiti
Day 49. Bleeding Knee

May 07, 2020 /

Neighbours Project by Bec Lorrimer

Bec Lorrimer recently headed out onto her street to photograph the start of her new Neighbours Project. First up are her neighbours Hau Latukefu, Shani Langi, kids Aki and Maila Latukefu and dog Dilla.

Apr 29, 2020 /

SIA Launches Sister Company Short Term Girlfriend

Servicing a gap in the market to provide a more agile production service for agencies and artists, Short Term Girlfriend (STGF) launches with a new freelance production offering that pairs its experienced industry producers with creative projects.

Witnessing the ongoing changes to traditional agency roles, with many in-house positions becoming more multifunctional, STGF aspires to alleviate some of the pressures placed on the creative process. The new offering also aims to better connect freelance production professionals with clients along with servicing agencies that have had to scale back due to disruption caused by COVID-19.

STGF founder Samantha Simpson says: “Often the traditional producer or art buyer role no longer exists, or creative and account service teams are taking on lead producer roles. Agencies – including creative agencies, design studios, marketing and PR agencies – are busy, and at peak times, overextended.”

“Over the years, we’ve also noticed that commercial artists – including directors, photographers, illustrators and animators – are often overloaded on projects, and can benefit from the services of an experienced short-term producer to help with a myriad of tasks, including building creative teams, scheduling and budgeting.”

“STGF offers the services of multi-functional producers who can step in to manage projects – when they need them, and not when they don’t.”

STGF producers can come on board either at briefing stage – working from concept through to completion ­– or at production stage only. Producers can also manage both in-agency needs and external artists, combining two roles into one. The scope of involvement is tailored to the agency or artist’s specific project needs, with the aim of streamlining communication, cutting down on costs and providing transparent and tailored creative solutions on time and to budget.

STGF producers can work across art buying, print, broadcast, digital, animation, illustration, or in an integrated role; either inhouse, externally, or a combination of both.

To find out what STGF production model could work best for your agency or if you’re an artist looking for production support, please check out the website at:

Image (left to right): Staff James Fisher, Rich Cole, Anna Morwenna, Sirin Thongudomporn and founder Samantha Simpson.