Mar 08, 2021 /

Bec Lorrimer for Sheridan International Women’s Day 2021

“This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating the creative women in our industry. The women who make the magic happen behind the scenes, bringing the world of Sheridan to life. These women inspire us ever day. Not just through their talent, but with their passion and determination #InternationalWomensDay” – Sheridan Australia

Jun 12, 2020 /

The Mannequin Project

The Mannequin Project is a Sam I Am community venture.. born of a desire to create something together in isolation.
The idea was to post some sort of blank canvass inspo around. Each photographer agreed to document their own creative response to the package, reflecting their experience of isolation.
Stylist Janai Anselmi posted out the mannequins first to Billy Plummer who then posted them onto the next photographer and so on.