Nov 27, 2019 /

‘Crossing the Line’ by David Cohen de Lara

Inspired by the recent record-breaking marathon run of Eliud Kipchoge, David Cohen de Lara decided to take studio-style portraits of athletes as they crossed the finish line at the recent Amsterdam marathon. With marathon running gaining popularity around the world, he expected to see a diverse range of runners. What surprised him was the diverse range of emotions he captured on the faces of people as they crossed the line.

Nov 26, 2019 /

Chapter One Exhibition Champions Young Women In Photography

Nurturing the careers of young women in photography, Sam I Am’s mentorship program, Chapter One, is excited to present the work of its eight protégé photographers at a special exhibition held at Pix On Location in Alexandria at 6pm on Thursday, December 12th2019.

Featuring the visual stories of Chapter One mentorship participants, the photography on show is the culmination of three month’s worth of work that saw each successful applicant paired with a Sam I Am photographer. Helping them to cultivate their story, the program included guiding the photographers through concept development and refinement, pre-production, shooting their vision, then working with their mentor to edit each story or series.

Exhibiting photographers are Alice Ballhausen, Amy Kennett, Claire Armstrong, Hyun Lee, Karen Trang, Lilli Waters, Lucy Deverall and Susie George. The mentors they worked alongside include pro photographers Billy Plummer, Craig Wall, David Cohen de Lara, James Marcus Haney, Paul Barbera, Tobias Rowles and Benito Martin. Creative industry mentors were Josephine Burns, Matt Ennis, Lucy McGinley, Scott McClelland, Matt Smith, Alex Toohey, Simon Dall, Jon Kelly and Paul Bruce.

A special thanks goes out to Chapter One exhibition sponsors: Pix On Location, Special, Alex Reznick, Glue Society, Cream Electric Art, Killanoodle, Four Pillars, Yulli’s Brews, Batlow Cider Co, Catfish Media, Sydney Brewery,The Bogey Hole Café and P4. Design.

Event Details:
What: Chapter One Exhibition
Where: Pix on Location, 6B Hiles St, Alexandria
When: 6pm on 12th December 2019
Please RVSP to:

Jul 04, 2019 /

David Cohen for CANVAS in Amsterdam

In true Amsterdam style, David Cohen De Lara has headed to the bike capital of the world to shoot for cycling brand CANVAS. The series of images capture the dutch men in all their might,  speeding down the bike tracks with their steely nerves and endurance. The images are stunningly authentic, documenting the cyclists in their raw moments of preparation, action and rest. 


May 21, 2019 /

David Cohen de Lara shoots for Renaissance Magazine

Photographer David Cohen de Lara shoots Lillen Feddersen for Renaissance Magazine.

Like cold water to a thirsty soul is good news from a distant land. For most people, the very idea of immersing ourselves in cold water sends shivers down our spine – and that’s only the thought of it.

For Lillen Fedderman, cold water was the very answer to over a decade of immobilizing pain. Since turning 40 in 2007, Lillen has lived with chronic headaches. And in 2017, they amplified so much so that she was completely bed ridden and unable to live without assistance.

Forced to quit her job due to her chronic pain issues, Lillen discovered that swimming in the icy cold Norwegian fjords twice a day helped relieve her pain. David Cohen de Lara followed Lillen last April, showing us the powerful healing cold water can have on the human body.

Oct 02, 2018 /

David Cohen de Lara for Paspaley Pearls

Paspaley Pearls latest campaign shot by David Cohen de Lara.

“Something real can only come from somewhere real. From a place that cant be replicated, or tamed. Where beauty takes time to form, endurance to take shape, and a journey to create something like no other.”