Jul 16, 2019 /

Benito Martin shoots for Good Pair Days

Food and Lifestyle Photographer Benito Martin shoots for Good Pair Days, a personalised monthly wine club where wine tailored to your individual taste is delivered to your doorstep.

Benito takes wine lovers on a visual journey with vibrant, quirky still lives of every different drop. His images are both light and bold, capturing the different characteristics of every wine, from full-bodied red, to the clean and sharp notes of riesling that pair perfectly with zingy grapefruit.

Benito shot both the lifestyle and packaging images for the brand. You can find more about Good Pair Days and all it has to offer here.

Jul 04, 2019 /

David Cohen for CANVAS in Amsterdam

In true Amsterdam style, David Cohen De Lara has headed to the bike capital of the world to shoot for cycling brand CANVAS. The series of images capture the dutch men in all their might,  speeding down the bike tracks with their steely nerves and endurance. The images are stunningly authentic, documenting the cyclists in their raw moments of preparation, action and rest. 


Jul 04, 2019 /

Paul Barbera for Elle Decor Italia

Paul Barbera captures the eclectic atmosphere of Nashville for Elle Decor Italia, showcasing the world capital of country music. Today it is a mecca for artists and creatives attracted by the relaxed spirit of a southern city where, jumping from one pub to another, you can breathe the atmosphere of bluegrass, honky-tonk and rockabilly. Paul photographs contemporary artists, architects, former hockey players and owners of the urban cowboy bed & breakfast within historical Nashville landmarks. It is an excellent example of a perfect mismatch of individuals in complete creative harmony.


Jun 26, 2019 /

Paul Barbera Returns to Australia

Paul Barbera has returned to Australia for the nexts few weeks on commission, and is available for booking. 

Paul specialises in people docu-lifestyle, portrait, real natural light, luxury, reportage, interiors, lifestyle, and hotels. With an adaptable yet distinct visual approach, his assignments regularly take him around the globe, working with notable publications like Elle Decor, Vogue Living, Surface Magazine, Frame, and Mr. Porter.  

Check his work out and get in touch with us to book Paul whilst he’s with us in Australia.

Jun 13, 2019 /

Billy Plummer hosts The Series Project Workshop in Bangkok

Billy Plummer and Christina Force of The Collective Force, have teamed up to host The Series Project, a 6-week photography development programme.

The Series Project has been designed to reinvigorate photographers visual voices by focusing and completing a series of personal work.

Billy & Christina have hand-picked 15 successful applicants to venture over to Thailand to take part in the workshop where each attendee will finish with a folio ready-PR-able photo series that echoes their personal style and purpose. 

Billy has a rich history in adland, where he has spent 28 years of his life as a Creative Director for agencies in the UK, Asia Pacific and Australia before changing lanes and becoming an advertising photographer here in Australia and Asia. 

His background as both an advertising photographer and creative director means Billy is fully understands concepts, how to articulate ideas and bring those to life.

You can read more about it at The Series Project’s web page, which is linked below.


Jun 12, 2019 /

James Marcus Haney Directs Music Video for British Band Mumford & Sons

James Marcus Haney has directed the new music video for ‘Woman’ off of Mumford and Sons’ recent album release ‘Delta’.

James, a regular collaborator with the band, directs Yeman Brown and Stephanie Crousillat, who elegantly dance through intimate choreography.  

May 30, 2019 /

Benito Martin shoots for Four Pillars ‘Bloody Shiraz’ Campaign

Food and Lifestyle Photographer Benito Martin shoots for Four Pillars Gin’s Winter Campaign ‘Bloody Shiraz’.

In 2015, Four Pillars Gin released their first batch of Bloody Shiraz, a perfect concoction of Rare Dry Gin and Yarra Valley Shiraz Grapes, instantly becoming an Australian icon. Since then, Four Pillars has released a yearly vintage edition to excite their loyal fanbase. This year, Sydney designer Jess Cruickshank created a unique typography bottle to celebrate the warmth and smoothness of Shiraz gin.

When mixed with tonic, Bloody Shiraz gin transforms into a vibrant iridescent pink which Benito has perfectly captured. 



May 21, 2019 /

David Cohen de Lara shoots for Renaissance Magazine

Photographer David Cohen de Lara shoots Lillen Feddersen for Renaissance Magazine.

Like cold water to a thirsty soul is good news from a distant land. For most people, the very idea of immersing ourselves in cold water sends shivers down our spine – and that’s only the thought of it.

For Lillen Fedderman, cold water was the very answer to over a decade of immobilizing pain. Since turning 40 in 2007, Lillen has lived with chronic headaches. And in 2017, they amplified so much so that she was completely bed ridden and unable to live without assistance.

Forced to quit her job due to her chronic pain issues, Lillen discovered that swimming in the icy cold Norwegian fjords twice a day helped relieve her pain. David Cohen de Lara followed Lillen last April, showing us the powerful healing cold water can have on the human body.