Sep 26, 2021 /

Where They Purr by Paul Barbera

An exceptional book of enviable interiors and the cats who call them home. 
Cats can be notoriously aloof, yet they have a special knack for commanding a room. But what can these curious creatures reveal about their owners’ personal style and design sensibilities?

Where They Purr showcases twenty-eight inspirational houses and their creative interiors, along with the charismatic felines who call these places home. From a heritage-listed Victorian terrace to a modern farmhouse with panoramic vistas, an art-filled inner-city warehouse to a cosy rental that reveals the power of classic pieces and clever design, discover each cat’s domain and their predilection for sunlit nooks, mid-century furniture or rooms with a view.

Through stunning photography, Paul Barbera captures these enviable homes and the enigmatic qualities of our most contrary of domestic companions: the cat.

Where They Purr is published by Thames and Hudson as a hardback book, available for purchase from 28th September 2021.

Apr 23, 2020 /

Paul Barbera Shoot Anna Karlin’s Studio for Where They Create

Anna Karlin is an English furniture, lighting, jewelry and object designer based in New York. Her studio practice also encompasses set design, digital design, and layout, making her a multi-disciplinary creative. Her pieces have high brow minimalist touch, and each discipline informs the other. Paul first met Anna through a shoot for Whistles, and decided to revisit her at her new studio in the Lower East Side. She has created a very homey and convivial working space for her team. At the time, she was pregnant with her first child and she was a glowing mother-to-be. 
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Jan 02, 2020 /

Paul Barbera Collaborates with Jae Criddle For “Where They Create”

Over in Fremantle, Western Australia, Paul Barbera paid a visit to artist and illustrator Jae Criddle as part of his ongoing project Where They Create. After years specialising in designing handcrafted signage, creating custom illustration and painting mural artwork, her interest has evolved to include mediums such as sculpture and embroidery.

In his distinctive reportage style, Paul beautifully captures the space that Jae has created to balance her home and work life.

Nov 26, 2019 /

Chapter One Exhibition Champions Young Women In Photography

Nurturing the careers of young women in photography, Sam I Am’s mentorship program, Chapter One, is excited to present the work of its eight protégé photographers at a special exhibition held at Pix On Location in Alexandria at 6pm on Thursday, December 12th2019.

Featuring the visual stories of Chapter One mentorship participants, the photography on show is the culmination of three month’s worth of work that saw each successful applicant paired with a Sam I Am photographer. Helping them to cultivate their story, the program included guiding the photographers through concept development and refinement, pre-production, shooting their vision, then working with their mentor to edit each story or series.

Exhibiting photographers are Alice Ballhausen, Amy Kennett, Claire Armstrong, Hyun Lee, Karen Trang, Lilli Waters, Lucy Deverall and Susie George. The mentors they worked alongside include pro photographers Billy Plummer, Craig Wall, David Cohen de Lara, James Marcus Haney, Paul Barbera, Tobias Rowles and Benito Martin. Creative industry mentors were Josephine Burns, Matt Ennis, Lucy McGinley, Scott McClelland, Matt Smith, Alex Toohey, Simon Dall, Jon Kelly and Paul Bruce.

A special thanks goes out to Chapter One exhibition sponsors: Pix On Location, Special, Alex Reznick, Glue Society, Cream Electric Art, Killanoodle, Four Pillars, Yulli’s Brews, Batlow Cider Co, Catfish Media, Sydney Brewery,The Bogey Hole Café and P4. Design.

Event Details:
What: Chapter One Exhibition
Where: Pix on Location, 6B Hiles St, Alexandria
When: 6pm on 12th December 2019
Please RVSP to: