Jun 12, 2020 /

The Mannequin Project

The Mannequin Project is a Sam I Am community venture.. born of a desire to create something together in isolation.
The idea was to post some sort of blank canvass inspo around. Each photographer agreed to document their own creative response to the package, reflecting their experience of isolation.
Stylist Janai Anselmi posted out the mannequins first to Billy Plummer who then posted them onto the next photographer and so on. 

May 26, 2020 /

Isolate + Create: Week Eight Photo Diary by Tobias Rowles

Day 50-56 Emerging from isolation. Home visits allowed, playgrounds open and kids back to school full time next week

Day 50. Beach Carpark
Day 51. Neighbours Norfolk Pine
Day 52. Walking the dog before bed
Day 53. Favourite Spot
Day 54. Park Open
Day 55. Merry-go-round
Day 56. Water Tower

May 14, 2020 /

Isolate + Create: Week Seven Photo Diary by Tobias Rowles

Day 43-49 in isolation. Semi-isolation this week as visits of two people allowed.

Day 43. BJ’s 1965 Ford Falcon XP Coupe
Day 44. Skate Rat V
Day 45. Visit from Dad with his lockdown beard
Day 46. Spelling word for the week
Day 47. Drying Nails
Day 48. Appropriate New Graffiti
Day 49. Bleeding Knee

Apr 09, 2020 /

Isolate + Create: Week Two Photo Diary by Tobias Rowles

Tobias continues to document his time at home with his family. Here are days 8-14 in isolation.

Day 8: Honeysuckles
Day 9: Hand sanitising
Day 10: Local park off limits
Day 11: Cabin fever
Day 12: Cruise and cargo ships off the coast
Day 13: Velvet’s 7th birthday
Day 14: Night ride

Nov 26, 2019 /

Chapter One Exhibition Champions Young Women In Photography

Nurturing the careers of young women in photography, Sam I Am’s mentorship program, Chapter One, is excited to present the work of its eight protégé photographers at a special exhibition held at Pix On Location in Alexandria at 6pm on Thursday, December 12th2019.

Featuring the visual stories of Chapter One mentorship participants, the photography on show is the culmination of three month’s worth of work that saw each successful applicant paired with a Sam I Am photographer. Helping them to cultivate their story, the program included guiding the photographers through concept development and refinement, pre-production, shooting their vision, then working with their mentor to edit each story or series.

Exhibiting photographers are Alice Ballhausen, Amy Kennett, Claire Armstrong, Hyun Lee, Karen Trang, Lilli Waters, Lucy Deverall and Susie George. The mentors they worked alongside include pro photographers Billy Plummer, Craig Wall, David Cohen de Lara, James Marcus Haney, Paul Barbera, Tobias Rowles and Benito Martin. Creative industry mentors were Josephine Burns, Matt Ennis, Lucy McGinley, Scott McClelland, Matt Smith, Alex Toohey, Simon Dall, Jon Kelly and Paul Bruce.

A special thanks goes out to Chapter One exhibition sponsors: Pix On Location, Special, Alex Reznick, Glue Society, Cream Electric Art, Killanoodle, Four Pillars, Yulli’s Brews, Batlow Cider Co, Catfish Media, Sydney Brewery,The Bogey Hole Café and P4. Design.

Event Details:
What: Chapter One Exhibition
Where: Pix on Location, 6B Hiles St, Alexandria
When: 6pm on 12th December 2019
Please RVSP to: chapterone@samiam.com.au