Jun 12, 2020 /

The Mannequin Project

The Mannequin Project is a Sam I Am community venture.. born of a desire to create something together in isolation.
The idea was to post some sort of blank canvass inspo around. Each photographer agreed to document their own creative response to the package, reflecting their experience of isolation.
Stylist Janai Anselmi posted out the mannequins first to Billy Plummer who then posted them onto the next photographer and so on. 

May 26, 2020 /

Isolate + Create: Week Eight Photo Diary by Tobias Rowles

Day 50-56 Emerging from isolation. Home visits allowed, playgrounds open and kids back to school full time next week

Day 50. Beach Carpark
Day 51. Neighbours Norfolk Pine
Day 52. Walking the dog before bed
Day 53. Favourite Spot
Day 54. Park Open
Day 55. Merry-go-round
Day 56. Water Tower

May 14, 2020 /

Isolate + Create: Week Seven Photo Diary by Tobias Rowles

Day 43-49 in isolation. Semi-isolation this week as visits of two people allowed.

Day 43. BJ’s 1965 Ford Falcon XP Coupe
Day 44. Skate Rat V
Day 45. Visit from Dad with his lockdown beard
Day 46. Spelling word for the week
Day 47. Drying Nails
Day 48. Appropriate New Graffiti
Day 49. Bleeding Knee