Joris Noordenbos is a leading director specialising in food and children-centred films and commercials. His work celebrates the beauty in everyday moments; capturing a sense of real life, real emotions and intimacy through his playful storytelling approach.

He is an expert in achieving authentic and moving performances from his cast. Likewise, his food films are rich sensory experiences that engage the viewer to almost taste and smell the food they’re seeing.

Joris has directed projects around the world for IKEA (Norway), JA Hotels (Dubai), Nikon (Kenya), Ahold (USA and Kenya), Phillips (China), Maggi (Singapore), Dutch Lady Milk (Singapore and Thailand), Dr.Ci.Labo & Labolabo (Thailand), JDE Coffee (Eastern Europe, South Africa and Russia) and ABN Amro (Netherlands).

In addition to his commercial work, Joris has made several short films. He has also directed episodes of Spangas, a daily Dutch children’s television show centered around high school youth. Joris makes regular contribution to a personal blog on his site, where he shares insight to his practice and general love of the craft.

Based in Amsterdam, Joris regularly works on projects in Asia, Europe, Australia, Russia and around the globe.

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