Alan McFetridge Documents the Wasteland of ‘Treasure Island’

Jun 12, 2019 /

Alan McFetridge Documents the Wasteland of ‘Treasure Island’

Photographer Alan McFetridge ventures out to the land that served for the inspiration behind Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, better known as La Graciosa, a recent addition to the Canary Islands. 

Since the turn of the century, the romanticism surrounding the island has lost its aura, as an estimated 4500-6500kgs of ocean plastic washes upon its once golden shores. Populated by only 600 people, the island has no water supply of its own, forcing its inhabitants to rely upon a freshwater pipeline from a neighbouring island. 

Despite this, Alan set out to capture the beauty that still exists on the island, and the results are remarkable. 

Mizzen Mast Hill
Rum Cove
Spye Glass Hill
Cape Of The Woods
Hereabouts Ben Gunn And J. Hawkins Meet
Skeleton Island
Bulk Of The Treasure Buried Here

Photographer: Alan McFetridge

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