Alan McFetridge is Lost In Space

Jul 04, 2019 /

Alan McFetridge is Lost In Space

The Lost in Space project shot by photographer Alan McFetridge captures the irony of an individual’s lack of self-awareness whilst they engage in private activity through modern technology in the public domain.

The images in the project were taken in Bondi, where Alan currently lives. Alan commented on the piece “250 years ago, Boondi or Bondi Beach, was a place where countless generations of craftspeople on the Australian continent came to use rocks for large scale tool making, the Bondi Point. The shaped rock has been found in sites as far north as today’s Rockhampton, Queensland. I began walking by day, by night, wondering what that might have looked like and what is a 2019 Bondi Point?”

18/05/2019, 09:34:42, Bondi Beach, Australia
28/05/2019, 08:47:37, Bondi Beach, Australia
31/05/2019, 15:46:15, Bondi Beach, Australia
20/05/2019, 09:32:47, Bondi Beach, Australia
30/05/2019, 15:11:09, Bondi Beach, Australia
29/05/2019, 15:33:07, Bondi Beach, Australia

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