Food and Lifestyle Photographer Benito Martin shoots for Four Pillars Gin’s Winter Campaign ‘Bloody Shiraz’.

In 2015, Four Pillars Gin released their first batch of Bloody Shiraz, a perfect concoction of Rare Dry Gin and Yarra Valley Shiraz Grapes, instantly becoming an Australian icon. Since then, Four Pillars has released a yearly vintage edition to excite their loyal fanbase. This year, Sydney designer Jess Cruickshank created a unique typography bottle to celebrate the warmth and smoothness of Shiraz gin.

When mixed with tonic, Bloody Shiraz gin transforms into a vibrant iridescent pink which Benito has perfectly captured. 



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FourPillars 09 04 201936028
FourPillars 09 04 201935700
FourPillars 09 04 201935970
FourPillars 09 04 201936099
FourPillars 09 04 201935576

Photographer: Benito Martin 

Stylist: Jessica Johnson


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