Benito Martin has taken on an exciting new project shooting for Bed Thread’s new series The Makers. Each week, The Makers take you on an exclusive tour of the creative spaces of some of today’s innovators, artisans, and crafters from all different walks of life. Through his images, Benito endeavours to capture the magic of these makers within their creative abodes. From the floral virtuoso Emily Smith, digital artist Dina Broadhurst, to design guru and editor Talisa Sutton, each is celebrated for their unique talents and distinctive style through the creative lens of Benito.

EmilySmith 114
EmilySmith 115
EmilySmith 19
EmilySmith 04
EmilySmith 50
EmilySmith 73
Talisa Sutton 039
Talisa Sutton 036
Talisa Sutton 002
Talisa Sutton 008
Talisa Sutton 010
Talisa Sutton 046
DinaBroadhurst 63
DinaBroadhurst 62
DinaBroadhurst 43
DinaBroadhurst 56
DinaBroadhurst 05
DinaBroadhurst 07

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