Billy Plummer and Christina Force of The Collective Force, have teamed up to host The Series Project, a 6-week photography development programme.

The Series Project has been designed to reinvigorate photographers visual voices by focusing and completing a series of personal work.

Billy & Christina have hand-picked 15 successful applicants to venture over to Thailand to take part in the workshop where each attendee will finish with a folio ready-PR-able photo series that echoes their personal style and purpose. 

Billy has a rich history in adland, where he has spent 28 years of his life as a Creative Director for agencies in the UK, Asia Pacific and Australia before changing lanes and becoming an advertising photographer here in Australia and Asia. 

His background as both an advertising photographer and creative director means Billy is fully understands concepts, how to articulate ideas and bring those to life.

You can read more about it at The Series Project’s web page, which is linked below.
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Shoot Credits:
Photographer: Billy Plummer

Category : Billy Plummer