SIA Welcomes Photographer Brian Doherty

Jul 08, 2020 /

SIA Welcomes Photographer Brian Doherty

Brian Doherty is an international portrait and documentary photographer. His magnetic images draw the viewer into experiencing both the internal and external world of the people he photographs.

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Key to Brian’s practice has been learning to understand his subjects and the worlds they inhabit. He seeks to keep his images simple, drawing the viewer into the world of the subject with the warmth and curiosity with which he approaches photographing them. His natural and intimate images have seen his work frequently cross between editorial, fashion and advertising projects.

His work quickly came to the attention of magazine editors in London, and his editorial work has appeared in The Financial Times (UK), Esquire UK, The Sunday Times UK,  The Telegraph (UK), Forbes Magazine Spain, 1843 Magazine UK, Hole & Corner Magazine UK and It’s Nice That UK

Brian’s fashion and advertising projects include shooting for brands such as John Lewis, Miller, Mr Jones Watches, Canali, Mercedes, Virgin Active, Toast, Nescafe, Oroton, Babyliss, Thomas Pink and Cath Kidston.

Brian’s personal projects, shot in various locations around the world, including Northern Ireland and the US, explore the relationship between people, place and landscape.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Brian is now based in Sydney, and shoots projects around the world.

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