David Cohen de Lara shoots for Renaissance Magazine

May 21, 2019 /

David Cohen de Lara shoots for Renaissance Magazine

Photographer David Cohen de Lara shoots Lillen Feddersen for Renaissance Magazine.

Like cold water to a thirsty soul is good news from a distant land. For most people, the very idea of immersing ourselves in cold water sends shivers down our spine – and that’s only the thought of it.

For Lillen Fedderman, cold water was the very answer to over a decade of immobilizing pain. Since turning 40 in 2007, Lillen has lived with chronic headaches. And in 2017, they amplified so much so that she was completely bed ridden and unable to live without assistance.

Forced to quit her job due to her chronic pain issues, Lillen discovered that swimming in the icy cold Norwegian fjords twice a day helped relieve her pain. David Cohen de Lara followed Lillen last April, showing us the powerful healing cold water can have on the human body.

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