Lilli Waters has been selected as one of the committee members for the Australian Photography Awards 2021. The competition is one of the largest national photographic awards and “seeks to recognise work that can open important dialogues and expand our understanding of the world”. 

Our 2021 committee is particularly interested in the new and exciting ways Australian photographers are approaching their practice. We encourage unique, artful and research driven approaches. When viewing work, we consider intent and meaning alongside technical ability.

Australian Photography Awards (APA) is an initiative operated by Photo Collective.

Since launching in 2016, APA has become an important space for the changing ways Australian photographers explore big ideas.

Each year, we call for original and thought-provoking photography. Photos can be taken anywhere in the world, just as long as the photographs are made by a person residing within Australia or any person living outside of Australia with Australian citizenship. As an organisation which seeks meaning and hopes to promote understanding through photography, we endeavour to view imagery beyond its surface value, searching for layers and intent.

We search for work which pushes the boundaries of what a photograph can be. We welcome experimental, new and artful approaches to photography that may be overlooked in other awards.

Over $30,000 will be awarded in prize money across the categories of Portrait, Landscape, Wildlife & Animal, Documentary, Open & Illustrative, Student, Junior and People’s Choice. Entries must be submitted here by October 18th. 

Lilli Waters Australian Photography Awards

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