It has been announced that Lilli Water’s work ‘The Next World‘ has been selected as a Finalist to be exhibited in the annual Environmental Art & Design Prize Exhibition.

This prize brings together a dynamic community of artists, designers, and audiences from across Australia who care deeply about our future on the planet. Finalists were selected from over 640 artists and designers from across Australia, who submitted works across nine categories.  

“Offering a nuanced mix of hope and despair, this photograph was created during a lockdown reprieve in 2021.”

The Next World

Flowers emerging out of darkness, reminiscent of the Dutch masterpieces of the 17th century are a reminder of the transitory nature of everything. Floating alongside the blossoms are jewel-like fish, encapsulated by sheets of cellophane.

This scene was constructed entirely underwater, using a system of weights and fishing lines to create a submerged floral sculpture.

We are living through an age where our lens on the world must constantly shift and refocus as new ideas, crises and the natural environment rapidly changes. While invoking a sense of entrapment, this photograph invites the viewer to move beyond the darkness and towards the light.”

The exhibition runs across three Northern Beaches venues from Friday 5 August to Sunday 28 August.  Opening night is Friday 5th of August 6-8pm.


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