Short Film

Hip Hop artist Bangs, of Take You to the Movies, plays a recently settled migrant in this vignette adapted from Kafka’s short story, On the Tram.

“On the Tram” is a short story told in first-person perspective. It describes a man standing on a tram platform, contemplating the uncertainties of his place in the world. At one point, a woman approaches the tram and the narrator is struck by her vibrance. The story focuses on images of the uncertainty of existence and one’s purpose in the world, and the tone is contemplative and existential. The man on the tram cannot even defend the fact that he is on the tram, holding onto the strap, and watching people move about in the streets. When he sees the woman, however, his perspective changes. The narrator sees the girl “as distinctly as if [he] had run [his] hands over her.” He goes on to describe the woman’s physical attributes with incredible detail, from her clothing to her hair. He ends his contemplation by wondering, “How is it that she is not astonished at herself, that she keeps her lips closed and says nothing of that kind?” Although the narrator does not understand his own place in the world, he understands the woman’s with strange clarity.

Director /  Dominic Allen
Soundtrack /  Cayden Mowbray