Director /  Dominic Allen
Producer /  Alex Gao
Cinematography /   James Marcus Haney and Alex Gao
Editor /   Jack Murgatroyd
Color /  Edwin Eversole
Additional Camera Operators /  David Faddis and Campbell MacCulloch
Featuring /   Turner Haney, Natalie Hoekstra, Alec Whitmore, Katie Reagan, Ben Novak, Greg Christie, Beau Caouette, Martha Downey
Special Thanks /  Austin Harris and Brian Barnes

Talking to NPR Music, Marcus said of the video, “’Elysium’ became very personal to me very quickly. It made me think about my younger brothers and their transition from kids to adulthood. I wanted to document the actions and emotions of people at this age… I wanted to freeze the last remnants of youth still left in my brother… Soon after I arrived in Seattle, an armed man walked onto campus and shot four students. One of them died. That weekend, my brother and his friends wanted to finish the video, in honour of Paul (Lee, the victim of the gunman’s attack). The end result is a video that depicts real friends, real teenagers, experiencing something far too real.”