Jana Bartolo is one of the most acclaimed wardrobe and celebrity stylists in Australia. She is widely recognised as an industry leader by the fashion elite.

Jana’s signature style amalgamates street style and haute couture to create a striking, fashion-forward aesthetic. She’s renowned for her attention to detail, understanding of garment design construction and passion for every project.

One of the many reasons we love Jana is her fearless approach to wardrobe. Inspired by daring fashion icons such as Vivienne Westwood and Betsey Johnson, Jana dresses for impact. She’s unafraid to take risks, instead, backing herself with bold choices that make her work memorable.

She’s dressed some of Australia’s and the world’s biggest celebrities, such as Rita Ora, Adam Lambert, H.E.R, Amy Shark, and Vera Blue are among loyal clients.

Jana’s experience spans across music videos, TV, look books, advertising campaigns​,​ editorials and fashion shows, including Afterpay Fashion Week.

She’s a favourite with recognised brands MECCA, Nike, Westfield, Samsung, Virgin, Jetstar and The Nine Network. As well as notable titles like Oyster, Yen, Numero, and Elle.

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