Nov 19, 2021 /

Ted Min for Hypebeast Indonesia

Ted photographed SUKU Home founder and creative director Chrissy Lafian for an article with HYPEBEAST Indonesia.

“Melbourne-based Chrissy proudly introduces SUKU Home as a brand from Indonesia that is able to create products with high quality and originality to the international market through the flagship store “Dream Baby” in Fitzroy, Melbourne.” – Angga Allensyah, Writer @ Hypebeast ID (translated into English from Indonesian)

Nov 17, 2021 /

Flower Gardens by Lilli Waters

“I have missed nature the most whilst being in lockdown, so the first place I visited was the Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda VIC, as they are their fullest and prettiest in springtime.

It was the first time picking up my camera in three months, which is the longest time I haven’t picked up my camera since I became a photographer. It helped me to fall in love with photography all over again, to see the world through my beautiful film camera again. The sun was shining bright after a really wet and cold spring, the colours of all of the flowers were so rich and colourful and glowing, it was a feast for my eyes and brought me such joy!”
– Lilli Waters

Nov 15, 2021 /

Benito Martin and Alex Reznick for Bonsoy

Shot by Benito Martin and retouched by Alex Reznick for Bonsoy‘s new brand platform launch via Thinkerbell, ‘But is it Bonsoy‘.

“Simon & Jasmine at Thinkerbell brought us the killer ‘But is it Bonsoy’ brief that places the iconic Bonsoy pack design at its centre. We loved embellishing each execution to build worlds & create a narrative to play in. Having the trust & understanding of a strong agency team goes a long way, and enables us to push above and beyond the concept.” – Rich Cole, Executive Producer @ Sam I Am

Nov 01, 2021 /

Stony Range by Billy Plummer

“Stony Range is a micro National Park sandwiched between a motorway, a housing estate and a fitness club car park. In the midst of Stony Range are two hot houses. The hothouses are/were for orchids and for ferns.”

– Billy Plummer