Haymaker is a preview into Alan’s forthcoming and first Monograph. The project began after Alan was awarded the Environmental Awareness Bursary from the Royal Photographic Society. The harsh north of Canada is largely uninhabited by humans – yet deep in the fire dependent boreal forest (Earth’s largest land biome) a division or frontier has formed between relentless human endeavour to extract dangerous bitumen from the Tar Sands of Alberta and the rest of nature. Haymaker observes the event of a wildfire nicknamed “The Beast” which consumed 460,000 hectares of forest, became the largest mass evacuation and costliest natural disaster in Canadian history.

This project has allowed Alan to witness extreme conditions and human behaviour that has put of of the earth sub-systems on to the verge of a ecological tipping point. 
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170322 Anzac 01
170322 HangingStone 04
170322 FireBag 02
170322 Anzac 04 Master Flat
170322 Anzac 02
160714 Photogram 07c
170119 Clearwater Pool Master
170322 Kettle 01 Master
Firebag 2
170217 Hospital Emergency Master
170322 Edmonton 01
Firebag 4
170322 Screen 02 Master
170122 FortMc Tower Rd 9 Master
170322 Barrier 01 Master
170322 HangingStoneRiver 01 Master
170322 WoodHenge 06 Master