Food and Lifestyle Photographer Benito Martin shoots for Good Pair Days, a personalised monthly wine club where wine tailored to your individual taste is delivered to your doorstep.

Benito takes wine lovers on a visual journey with vibrant, quirky still lives of every different drop. His images are both light and bold, capturing the different characteristics of every wine, from full-bodied red, to the clean and sharp notes of riesling that pair perfectly with zingy grapefruit.

Benito shot both the lifestyle and packaging images for the brand. You can find more about Good Pair Days and all it has to offer here.

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GPD 21 05 201941506
GPD 21 05 201942036
GPD 21 05 201942050
GoodPairDays 14 05 201939543
GoodPairDays 14 05 201939758
GoodPairDays 14 05 201939424

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