Join us for the opening of a photographic portrait exhibition by Bec Lorrimer. Neighbours is a celebration of the diverse and unique residents of Darlington and Redfern. 

Artist Statement
Neighbours used to hold an important social function in society: people to whom you could turn for help, guidance and friendship. With the increasing complexity of our personal lives and fast-paced environment, the value we place on our neighbours has gradually diminished. However throughout 2020 I noticed a rediscovery and strengthening of these bonds. Learning more about and getting to know the people living in my local community fuelled a desire to document them and their stories. Inspired, I began to photograph the residents of Redfern and Darlington in their homes. Neighbours is the culmination of this evolving photographic portrait series, bringing together the diverse and warm community of the neighbourhood and celebrating the people that make it unique. This project would not have been possible without the generosity and openness of the people who welcomed me into their lives and homes.

Exhibition Details
Opening Night: Thursday 3rd June 6pm – 8pm
Duckrabbit Gallery, Redfern

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