Paul Barbera captures the eclectic atmosphere of Nashville for Elle Decor Italia, showcasing the world capital of country music. Today it is a mecca for artists and creatives attracted by the relaxed spirit of a southern city where, jumping from one pub to another, you can breathe the atmosphere of bluegrass, honky-tonk and rockabilly. Paul photographs contemporary artists, architects, former hockey players and owners of the urban cowboy bed & breakfast within historical Nashville landmarks. It is an excellent example of a perfect mismatch of individuals in complete creative harmony.

PaulBarbera Urban Cowboy C71I4797
PaulBarbera Nashville Genral C71I3933
PaulBarbera Holston House C71I5234
PaulBarbera Imogene + Willie DSC9971
PaulBarbera Pinewood Social DSC0104
PaulBarbera Zeitgeits Gallery DSC0215
PaulBarbera Rolf And Daughter C71I4511

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