Benito Martin continues to capture the magic of makers across the globe in their creative elements, all completely unique and equally inspiring through their individual skill and talents.

Perennial creators Lillian Khallouf, Ashleigh Holmes and Holly Ryan are the most recent Makers shot by Benito for the Bed Thread’s series.

Lillian Khallouf 06
Lillian Khallouf 02
Lillian Khallouf 35
Lillian Khallouf 15
Lillian Khallouf 24
Lillian Khallouf 07
AshHolmes 041
AshHolmes 047
AshHolmes 097
AshHolmes 158
AshHolmes 132
AshHolmes 040
HollyRyan 046
HollyRyan 158
HollyRyan 132
HollyRyan 086
HollyRyan 091
HollyRyan 095

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