Short Film

Two Men presents a Sitting Man’s speculation about the reasons why the two men of the title maybe running through the heat of an Australian afternoon. Is it a robbery, a fight or simply two guys running just for the hell of it? Allen presents each possible explanation through beautifully shot Red Camera cinematography from Joel Betts before a brilliant blue outback sky underpinned by the rich browns and yellows of the arid earth. The origins of the story come from The Men Passing By a short work by Kafka which Allen transposes from its original urban setting to Kimberly Town of Fitzroy Crossing, Australia, supported as part of a local community project that aims to ‘build stories, strength and resilience in Kimberley’s youth.

Two Men won the Best Emerging Filmmaker award at The 58th Melbourne International Film Festival and is proof positive that when correctly executed, the simplest of concepts can convey the most powerful of ideas on screen.

Director /  Dominic Allen
Indigenous Script /  Ishmal Croft
Cultural Advisor /  Annette Kogolo
Sound /  Adam Affif
DOP /  Joel Betts
AD /  Tim Melville