Fashion Journal

Short Film
30 seconds

In my personal projects, I’m always drawn to a story or subculture I’m passionate about and then seek to capture it in the most honest way I can. For this project I decided to do something different.

I wanted to create something fresh that still talked to people and culture. I used the streets, unique talent and fashion as a new medium.

Working with stylist Jana Bartolo was exciting. She interpreted my ideas into vibrant colour and shapes on the body. Gavin Anesbury brought the faces to life. We all came together to have fun and play in the streets of Marrickville.

Massive thanks to Felicity at Byrne Creative for incredible casting. – Tobias Rowles

Director / Tobias Rowles
DOP / Joey Clark
Music / Kase Avila
Styling / Jana Bartolo
Hair & Makeup / Gavin Anesbury
Casting / Byrne Creative